Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Your Skin is Begging for Attention

You’ve had the bariatric weight-loss surgery and you are looking fabulous as you are feeling healthier, able to live a more active lifestyle, and wear more fashionable clothing.  But you’re noticing that your skin seems to be so dry! how to get perfect skin naturally

If you’ve had a problem with acne or oily skin before, then you are elated that your skin has cleared up and is less oily.  But for those who started out with normal to dry skin to begin with, this new extra-dry skin poses a bit of an issue, even perhaps, a discomfort from itching and flakiness.

Your Skin is Begging for Attention

Developing dry skin after the surgery can become a problem for many after they undergo the surgery.  Not getting enough fluids in is probably the biggest culprit but not solely responsible.

Acne and oily skin often come as a result of certain foods; and since a bariatric patient has basically cut out such foods that are fatty, fried, and greasy, the acne or oily skin goes away. how to get rid of scars naturally

This is happy news for someone who battled acne or oily skin for years.  But for those who fall into the normal to dry skin category prior to surgery, the increased dryness can be irritating.

The skin is the largest organ of our bodies.  It is a breathing and functional covering of our body that holds our skeleton, muscles, and vital organs all in one neat safe package.

Our skin sweats, absorbs, feels sensations, and also protects everything inside.  It is important that we take care of it so it can continue to function at its best for us.

Hand and body lotions are the easiest remedies that offer a wide range simple basics to vitamin-enriched formulas.  It’s wise to experiment with little trial samples of these products to find out what soothes your skin issues the best.

Buy the smallest amount possible at first so in the event your skin doesn’t’ like a product, not so much money was spent on something you wont’ use again.  And when you find that product that works best for you, remember where you purchased it so you can buy more – because you WILL buy more when you use your favorite hand or body lotion everyday.

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Hand lotion will be used several times a day, probably each time after you wash your hands; so carry some hand lotion with you in your hand bag (men… have some in the car).  Washing hands really dries out the skin since soap and tap water is harsh.  Your hands may be clean, but they tend to get so dry, you can barely pick up a single sheet of paper!

Along with daily applications of hand and body lotion, I highly recommend the use of bath salts at least twice a week as well.  A good soaking bath in bath salts will give your dry skin the extra treatment it needs.  Bath salts soften the bath tap water for the skin while the skin absorbs the softness from the salts… just like clothing absorbs fabric softener.

If you do a lot of swimming in chlorinated pools, your skin will truly thank you after a good bath salts soaking.  Bath salts provide a long-lasting effect and make the skin feel refreshed.  Bath salts come in loose crystals or in solid forms that dissolve in warm water.

I prefer the crystals because this allows you to control the amount you want to use per bath, be it a lot or a little.  how to get rid of acne scars and redness. Plain Epsom salts are the barebones if that’s all you want, or you can buy the bath salts that are colored and perfumed to enhance your soaking pleasure and  ambiance.

Your Skin is Begging for Attention

Don’t forget the lips!  They are suffering too from dryness after surgery!  Use a good moisture-rich product.  For problem lips that need help instantly, try a medicated lip balm that has special healing medicines that will take immediate affect to stop the cracking and burning.  Lip balm should be worn throughout all seasons as the cold, heat, wind, and sun are not kind to unprotected lips.

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When you buy sunscreens for outdoor activities, select a product that offers not only efficient sun blockage for you, but also offers moisturizers.  

If you’ve never babied or pampered your skin prior to surgery, then you need to begin doing it afterward.  You’ll find that you’re experiencing more “touching” encounters than ever before because people want to hug you in congratulatory embraces as they tell you how happy they are for you.  Make it a “softer” experience for everyone involved as you drench your skin with great skin products.

Skin care is something that needs to become a part of your daily routine as much as getting enough fluids in after surgery.  If you do this, your skin will feel healthier, look more radiant, and you will probably knock a few years off of your appearance too!

Continue to amaze others – not only in your weight-loss achievements, but in your general overall healthy appearance as well.  Remember those hugs that are coming!


Monday, April 13, 2015

How To Prevent Child Obesity

In America today, it is estimated that over 65% of the population is overweight with around 30% being at least clinically obese. Even more alarming is the estimation that 15% to 20% of the country’s children are overweight with nearly one third being at least clinically obese.

Now more than ever, something needs to be done to reverse this growing trend and prevent it from becoming an even bigger epidemic than it already is. By sitting back and allowing our children to become overweight and eventually obese, we are in effect severely shorting their lives. hgh reviews 2014

How To Prevent Child Obesity

The main ingredient in helping to eliminate child obesity is recognition. As parents, we can not take the stand that it is healthy for our children to be round and plump. Yes they need to eat enough to be healthy and to grow properly, but we must know where to draw the line between what is a healthy weight and what is excessive weight.

Often, parents will push food on their children with the idea that they need more food because they are growing. The fact is however, the energy expenditure required for growth accounts for only around 2% of their daily energy expenditure. With this in mind, a child’s appetite should be taken into account when determining how much they need to eat.

How To Prevent Child Obesity

Over eating is more of a learned thing than one that just develops on its own. Children, much like adults, if given a well balanced diet with limited access to junk food and fast food, will eat all they need and stop when they are done.

Forcing them to eat beyond that point, as well as giving them as much junk food and fast food as they want, only teaches them to over eat from an early age. This habit then usually carries over into their adult lives.

How To Prevent Child Obesity

Sometimes when a parent does notice that their child is overweight, they will try to push diets on them that are too low in calories. This is not good for them either. They still need a certain amount of calories for their growth and restricting their calories too much can interfere with the normal growth process. best way to lose weight

It is better here to simply bring them back to the proper amount of calories they should be getting. Since they were over eating before, going to a normal amount of food will make them lose the extra weight just fine.

Last but certainly not least, lack of exercise is part of the reason that so many children get fat. The average school kid today spends more time watching TV and playing video games than they spend in school. Even when they are in school, most kids only get around 60 to 90 minutes maximum of physical education per week.

The bottom line here is, if we don’t stop over feeding our kids, and we don’t limit their intake of junk food and fast food, and we don’t limit their TV and video game time and get them more active, we will be creating an epidemic of obesity for our children that will reach truly epic proportions.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Does A Low Carb Diet Make You Lose Weight Fast

There are an increasing number of people who take on the process of low carb eating believing that it will help them for their weight loss.

However, there is still an existing and hottest question when dealing with low carb eating, and that is if low carb eating a healthy way of life. So what then is the answer? Find out here. hgh reviews

Does A Low Carb Diet Make You Lose Weight Fast

Speaking of the low carb eating, it is a common consideration that it is not important to count calories in the low carb eating lifestyle. As such, you have the freedom to eat as much as you want and whenever you want. But despite this truth behind the low carb eating lifestyle, many experts have noted this is never a healthy way of life.

Many people are indeed metabolically resistant. So in instances like this, the proper way of reducing food intake may aid the dieters to motivate or sustain the consistent weight loss that they wish. Still, when talking about low carb eating, it is the carbohydrates that must be kept low, not the calories.

Low Carb Diet Weight Loss Plan

To further support the view, it is a given fact that in low carb eating lifestyle, you are definitely been eating fats and oils. As such, you rarely ever be hungry for in general, those foods that are high in fat are ever satisfying. A high fat eating coupled with a low carb eating supplements will tell your body that it is not starving just like the case of fasting, but rather your metabolism in this stage maintains a normal level.

Does A Low Carb Diet Make You Lose Weight Fast

So while consuming fat is one of the prerequisites for a healthy low carb eating, it is then necessary to limit the consumption of trans-fats like margarine. Instead of that, it is recommended that you use real butter, for it is a good fat. And for your interest, good fats are found in olive oil, flax seed oil, canola oil, and oils that are greatly found in nuts.

So then, is low carb eating healthy? Well, on a low carb eating, you can definitely lose weight constantly and it can reduce your insulin levels, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and even stabilize your blood sugar, which is of course great for diabetics.

And since in low carb eating, you will be taking less fruits and vegetables, it is then necessary that you take a good full-spectrum multi vitamins and fiber supplements.

It is also important to consider that the main purpose of the low carb eating is to bring your body chemistry and insulin level back into balance. And so to make this, you need to take a diet that is unbalanced in the opposite direction of the way that you have been eating for the rest of your life.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The 6 Step Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Program

There is an anti-aging revolution occurring in healthcare today and that you are the main beneficiary. Nowhere in the field of anti-aging medicine are the breakthroughs and technological advances more exciting, more relevant and more readily available for immediate application and benefit to you than in the field of facial rejuvenation.

Better, the most exciting, effective new discoveries are non-surgical methods for facial rejuvenation. Yes I said non-surgical and I said effective.

The 6 Step Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Program

How do we change from that radiant 16 year old with smooth glowing fresh skin to the 40 something who is beginning to see her mother looking back at her in the mirror to the 65 year old with hooded eyes, puffy lower eyelids, jowls, and loose skin folds hanging under the chin. Let’s review and clearly understand what these changes are that we must look for, recognize and then take steps to correct.

Skin Texture Changes (Surface Irregularities)

The aged facial skin looks dry when compared to a child’s skin. Over half of the crucial natural skin moisturizing agent Hyaluronic Acid is lost by the time we turn 50 and you cannot replace HA by taking a pill or applying it to your skin. Loss of hormonal support during menopause accelerates this change. Dry aged skin loses its glow, looks dull, almost grey. The aged skin is wrinkled and rough and pore size is enlarged.

Uneven pigmentation, brown spots, and red spots (Pigment and Blood vessels)

Uneven pigmentation and over growth of blood vessels are characteristic of aged facial skin. These blemishes are a protective and inflammatory response of the skin to years of exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun and injury from free radicals released by harmful agents in our environment and diet.

The 6 Step Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Program

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles are classic signs of facial aging. Static wrinkles are those that are present in the skin when the face is at rest. These wrinkles are caused by the loss of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. Collagen is destroyed by UV light from the sun and free radicals from other sources. As the collagen disappears volume is lost beneath the skin and the skin wrinkles. This is not unlike the way a grape wrinkles after drying to produce a raisin.

Dynamic wrinkles are those that you see when the face is moving- frown lines, laugh lines, worry lines, and crow’s feet. These lines are actually caused by the pull of the facial muscles beneath the facial skin. Dynamic wrinkles can become static wrinkles after years of repeated pulling by the facial muscles.

Deep Facial Lines

Deep facial lines are those lines around the mouth called the Nasal-labial fold line and the Marionette lines. These lines are different from wrinkles in that they are caused by a combination of the pull of the facial muscles and loose sagging skin. As the face ages, the skin becomes loose and falls over the line created by the facial muscle pull, for example the smile line. how to get rid of acne scars

Loose skin

The skin of the aged face has lost it’s elasticity and has become loose. The cheek has fallen and created loose skin on the jaw called jowls. The skin beneath the jaw on the neck is also hanging down, a phenomenon called the turkey wattle.

What Is Facial Rejuvenation

The definition of rejuvenate is to make young or youthful again or restore to an original or new state. True facial rejuvenation requires correction of all of the above facial aging changes for the face to be made young or youthful or restored to an original state. The 6-step program mis designed to address all aging changes without surgery.

The 6-Step Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Program

The 6-step facial rejuvenation program consists of the following 6 steps:

1. Exfoliation

2. Stimulation of new collagen formation

3. Removal of abnormal pigment and blood vessels

4. Relaxation of lines of facial expression

5. Fill deep facial lines

6. Skin tightening

Monday, March 16, 2015

10 Steps To Look Younger

10 Steps To Look Younger

The secret of the youth has been searched since long time ago. Many researchers have done some experiments to find ways to slow down the aging process.

There are some techniques which have been implemented, but the most important things for us to do are being consistent in implementing healthy lifestyle and eating habits. hgh for sale

We can’t stop the natural change, but we can still look younger if we want to work hard to slow down the aging process.

Therefore, I’m going to help you with 10 easy steps to make you look younger:

Detox – It’s important to start detoxification, getting rid of toxin from our body. Our body metabolism has done that process, but in everyday life we are exposed to so many chemical hazards from air, food and environment. Fasting or just consuming fruits and vegetables are ways to detoxify our body.

Sleep – Having enough sleep at least 6-8 hours a day will make our skin healthier. Having a good sleep is also important because growth hormone is working during that time. It renews the old cell of our body, include the skin cell. Our skin will look fresh and young if we have enough sleep.

Food – Eating healthy and safe food everyday will make our body fit, slim and also look younger. Try to eat more fish instead of red meat. Fiber food, vegetables, fruits, and supplements are important food to consume. Drink less coffee and other caffeine beverages.

Exercise – Through routine exercise, we will feel happier, energetic, and confident. It also increases our bone density and muscle which can make our body look 15-20 years younger. Beside aerobic, walking, and swimming, goes also to the gym to do lifting exercise.

Relax – By trying to be relaxed, our face will look younger. Stress and worries appear on our face. If we can manage our stress and feel at peace, our face will look younger and attractive.

Be Positive – A positive mind and affirmation we said can bring positive life to us. Negative thought tend to bring failure and make us look older and unattractive. Meditation is one way to make positive thoughts.

Medical Check-up – Just like a car, our body also needs attention and care so it can work well everyday. Having routine medical checkups during our healthy time is important to recognize diseases as soon as possible.

Active Life – Always try to be active during your life. Activities can increase health; and if you are in your elder age, your memory will increase too. fastest way to lose weight

Social Life – Happy social life can increases our spirit, bring peaceful mind, and make us feel and look younger. Communication with our friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and others can bring happiness to us.

Performance – Start to look at our performance. Is our body weight ideal for us? If not, try to fix that to the best ideal weight. Also look to the skin, hair, nail and teeth. Those are important as they will show our age. Looks good and feels good will increase our performance.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Ovarian Cancer: Symptoms, Stages

Ovarian Cancer: Symptoms, Stages

The most deadly cancers to which most women are prey is the ovarian cancer. This type of cancer is however very rare but its overall chances of development are 1 out of every 100 as compared to the breast cancer that holds a ratio of 1 out of 9. The group that is most prone to this cancer is the age group of 50 and 60’s.

Symptoms of ovarian cancer 

Since ovarian cancer shows any symptoms in the initial stage it is the most deadly cancer found. The problem is enhanced because of the fact that ovaries are located deep within the abdomen and there is no way out to self examine on a regular basis as it much possible in the case of breasts. The disease also produce symptoms that are often confusing and could also signal to other conditions.

Frequent symptoms of ovarian cancer are vague stomach discomfort, an expanded abdomen or even abnormal bleeding. Many women face these types of symptoms either throughout their lives and they make the mistake of not informing to their physicians. And by the time they feel it necessary to inform their physician, the tumor grows to an extent that it has spread too far to stop.

Even when your physician finds an ovarian mass, it does not always mean that there is a risk of cancer. The higher majority of ovarian masses detected in pre menopausal patients are benign and disappear as time passes by.

Greater risk 

With most of the cancers, doctors don’t know exactly what causes the growth of cancerous ovarian cells. Current theory states that a number of factors of which some are controllable and some are not influence the development of ovarian cancer. One proposal also suggests that there is a link in between the number of times a women ovulates during her life and her risk of developing ovarian cancer.

The factors that contribute to the risk of ovarian cancer includes ovulation for more than 40 years, women who have never being pregnant or have the first pregnancy after the age of 30 or late menopause.

Other factor that is unrelated to ovulation but ought to increase the risk of ovarian cancer includes:

1. A family history of ovarian or uterine cancer

2. Having breast cancer or benign breast cancer

3. Having colon or rectal cancer or polyps

Stages of ovarian cancer 

If your physician makes a diagnosis of ovarian cancer, he or she will make categorize it as one of the 4 stages of the disease whereby stage 1 is the earliest stage in which only the ovaries are involved. Stage 2 involves spread of the cancer from the ovary to other parts of the pelvis. The cases that are diagnosed after stage 3 are the least. The most advanced stage of ovarian cancer is the stage 4 that has least chances of survival. HGH Reviews

Friday, February 6, 2015

Improve Your Life Naturally

Improve Your Life Naturally

There’s always room for improvement. We’ve all heard this phrase; some of us may have been given this advice by well-meaning friends or family. Do you need to make changes in your career, your love life, your health? Whatever your need, there really is room for improvement for most of us. One area that you can make immediate changes, and feel results is in your health.

how to get perfect skin. With all of the ads in the media bombarding us with quick fixes to everything that ails you, many people fall prey to the lure of pills and other concoctions that make promises that few actually keep.

Natural supplements and healthy foods is your first line of defence against germs or viruses that will inevitably try and attack you on the inside. It is never late to start making improvements to your lifestyle. These changes will make you feel better inside as well as looking better on the outside. Natural health is one of the best ways to keep your body going and to keep it in good working shape.

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When faced with an illness that requires some form of medication to alter symptoms or cure a disease, make sure to do research and become well informed on all of the alternatives that are available to you. Discuss these with your physician, and do not eliminate the idea of going with a natural alternative if at all possible. Rather then taking some form of drug that will probably make you well, but severely destroy your body’s immune system in the process, seek instead a healthy alternative to bypass the forced chemical reaction you will get with traditional medicine–and instead facilitate your body’s healing at its own pace.

skin care products. In general, however, these natural supplements will not instantly eliminate all of your symptoms, as chemical medicines do; instead, they will facilitate the healing process and at the same time infuse you with essential vitamins to fortify your body against future attacks. Natural health alternatives are not a quick fix all.

What about your everyday life and making improvements naturally that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle; preventing potentially life altering diseases and symptoms? Natural vitamin and mineral supplements are a great alternative if you are not getting enough of the required amounts in your daily food. Remember to follow the recommended guidelines as overdosing is a waste and possibly hazardous to your health.

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There is always room for improvement in our lives, and making positive changes in your health is one of the best places to start, and where you can take charge and feel results.